Monday, June 15, 2009

IndySec Cookout

What: IndySec Cookout
When: Friday June 19th @ 6:00PM
Where: Lando's Place
Reply to cookout .at. for location. Carpool when possible.

Lockpick village plus related gifts
Hack a box (virtual machine with multiple vulns, potential dog and pony of commercial exploit frameworks)
HTPC setups
Feel free to present on anything security/technology related

Please bring a folding chair/lawn chair or something to sit upon.

What to bring (technical):
Portable storage device / laptop

What to bring (non_technical):
We would appreciate each person to bring a side dish, beer, chips, firetruck, or goat

Remember, Landon does not care about your dietary needs.
Thursday IndySec is canceled.

Cookout will be Friday June 19th @ 6:00PM

Friday won!

Landon will provide more details. . . more to come.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


It's cookout time.

Please vote for your preferred day and join us for the IndySec summer cookout.