Thursday, November 09, 2006

IndySec 2 Meeting Location

We have a home for IndySec 2!
A special thanks goes to Sean Krulewitch, Deputy IT Security Officer, IU for the help.

What: IndySec 2, with 100% of your daily requirement of Landon Lewis and Honeynets!

: Thursday, November 16th @ 6:30 PM

Where: IT building at Michigan and West street (535 W. Michigan St.) IUPUI campus.

Room Number: IT303, however everyone will need to meet in the lobby so we can get the up to the room. Room phone number will be provided at the security desk for those who are late. Someone will come down and get you (probably me).

Food: Bring your own, but I / we might want to order some pizza with some others.

Parking options:
There are a few parking meters in the parking lot SW of the building (on the yellow strip on the east side of the lot).

Visitors can also park at the North St Parking Garage

There is free parking at 1200 Stadium Dr with a free shuttle to the
IUPUI campus Park in nearby downtown and walk over, or take the free Red-line bus.

Share with your friends and let us know if you have any questions.

This will be a great meeting.


  1. Damn. I would have driven out from Chicago, but I have a traffic court appearance that day.

    Good luck with the meeting!

  2. Speeding in the El Camino again? : )

    Thank you for the support!

    I would love to come up for a ChiSec meeting... if only the Amtrak ran each day. Might be road trip time.

  3. I am going to swing in this time around! I think the North Parking garage is free after 5. At least it was a couple years ago. See you there.