Wednesday, January 03, 2007

IndySec 4 - Birk

Ok. It is IndySec Cuatro time.

Let us start by talking about a recent development in information security news -- full disk encryption. On 12/28 /. had an article about a new Presidential Mandate "requiring all agency laptops to fully encrypt data on the HDD". Find the /. article here.

So - let's talk about it.

Ryan Birk will be discussing full hard disk encryption, in particular a third party product called PointSec for PC. Ryan recently played a very large role in deploying PointSec in a large corporate environment with 2,500 laptops in 19 different sites across the world. After deployment, the enterprise is secured by pre-operating system authentication, full disk encryption, and a centrally managed password reset system.

PointSec has recently gained market share and Checkpoint has just announced its intention to purchase Protect Data, the parent company of PointSec Mobile Technologies.

If time permits, Ryan would also like to have an open discussion about VoIP, IVR hacking and Trixbox formerly known as Asterisk@Home.

It's gonna be fantastic!

Date: January 25th
Time: 7:00 ish
Location: We've got the lounge on the first floor from 7pm-9pm - per Sean (Thanks man!)
Food: Pay your own way Pizza! Seriously though, we will get something ordered up and figure it out day of.

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