Saturday, February 24, 2007

IndySec 5 - Notes

Thirteen people showed up altogether and three of them were new people. I know of atleast five that canceled at the last minute, but that's understandable.

Some random surveys were tossed around like. Favorite O/S, first O/S, etc.

So the favorite O/S amongst the group was any flavor of BSD.

The first O/S seemed to be Red Hat 5.2-7.

Conversations ranged from RFID, to wireless security (mainly deauths with WPA), to sebek, ruby on rails, and a pretty large discussion on USB.

A couple folks talked about disabling USB mass storage devices, by vendor and then later a talk sparked about pam_usb which I blogged about earlier. There is a new version out now that is available via SVN that provides a lot of fixes to the last version.

I did my part by trying to introduce as many people as possible and I think everyone got to know each other alittle more.

What topics is everyone interested in discussing next time?


  1. I must clarify, my favorite firewall of choice is a variant of BSD. Desktop OS of choice has to be Debian(Ubuntu). Sorry for any confusion this has caused.

  2. Nice work Ryan.

    Landon, thanks for being the indysec 5 MC.