Friday, April 13, 2007


I thought this was an interesting article.


This is indeed a historic moment for Linux and the Linux Community. Bob Moore, A Linux Administrator, enthusiast and Advocate understands completely the need for Linux-At-Large to gain recognition in the market place. While the Boxset distros such as Xandros and RedHat are marketed by their respective corporate entities, the "One-Man" distros and the smaller projects are left to word of mouth fate. That works fine to a point, but has proven to fall short of getting the word of Linux "Out There".

Lobby4Linux has been a critic, and a sometimes harsh critic of the community in this area. For good reasons. Efforts to gather the talent for commercials, the pre and post production assets and the logistical headaches have all been gathered and done by L4L. Now all they are gathering is dust. It seems the "let-the-other-guy-do-it mentality has won out within the community and so all the efforts thus far have sat in the corner, waiting for someone to dust them off and put them to work.

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