Tuesday, November 20, 2007

IndySec 13 Summary

The last meeting had a couple new faces and quite a few new ideas for future events. It seemed like the general consensus was that we should have more constructive meetings (presentations, demos, etc) than bar ramblings (where we can't even hear each other). If anyone has any suggestions please let the group know.

About five of us from IndySec are planning on attending Shmoocon in February. If anyone is interested let the group know by commenting to this thread or the mailing list. I know I'm planning on buying at least two tickets and I think a couple people mentioned buying more than one. Last year quite a few tickets were on ebay and dsp mentioned how you could have your trip nearly paid for by selling your extras. ;-)

So the next meeting in December is going to have a couple presentations, one on Lock Picking, and another on ossec. I'm planning on talking about ossec, but there is always the chance I may be on the road.

Two months out for the January meeting we're planning on a IndySec CTF type of game, we will create a post shortly discussing the details. So far Stephen and I will be the judges and creating the flags/challenges, monitoring device/service status, and displaying the attacks live with a inline honeywall on a projector. The competition will consist of two attacking teams (so we hopefully have two different groups working on two different attack methods) and one defending team.

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  1. Pretty sure Brian and I are flying out to ShmooCon; however, I would be ok with with a road tip too. We might even have an extra space or two.