Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jan IndySec

IndySec fans,

We will not hold the pentest event this week! Yes I know, terrible. Landon and I have a meeting later this month (the 27th) to build out the rest of the environment. Let me know if you would like to help.

I know we have a lot of people out of town this week with vacations and work travel. With that in mind, would anyone still like to meet up?

As for our last IndySec, it was great. Special thanks to Brian Carter for a great demo on lockpicking. Ask anyone who went, it was a great, hands-on experience (the best IndySec yet, he even brought gifts). Thanks to Sean and Brian, we even made our own set of bump keys. Brian has agreed to re-present this summer for those who could not make the event.

Lastly, who all is going to ShmooCon?


1 comment:

  1. I'll be there. Are you going to the Podcaster's Meetup?


    Cool prizes and a live show. It's Friday night.