Monday, February 18, 2008

IndySec - Feedback requested

Hello all,

I just got back from having a great time at ShmooCon in DC. It was nice to see 5 confirmed people from IndySec (Landon made it on a podcast and Chad built part/all of the Schmoo network).

Mr. Krulewitch/Korty/Birk, might there be a chance for (better yet, would you be interested in) some type of sponsorship for the group for either this Saturday (23rd), next (1st) or any Saturday? I have already had a talk with Ryan Birk, he may have some special room reservation skills as the result of being a PU professor.

The IT building lounge works well for us as we could have a group lunch then go forward with a modified red/blue team exercise. I understand this is asking A LOT of the University and your personal time, so we understand if it can not work.

This Thursday is still on (Panera Bread, 6055 N Keystone Ave), normal hangout time, to discuss what is new.


1. From Krulewitch/Korty/Birk - possibility of a room for a Saturday meeting? y/n?
2. All - is anyone interested in helping build the environment\test\configure for the red / blue team exercise? What is your availability?

Also, has anyone used autopwn (


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