Monday, July 14, 2008

July and August IndySec

Just a quick note about the July and August IndySec:

July : Per suggestion, we are going to have a book exchange, swap, and or sale. Yeah, it sounds lame, but I know I have two full boxes of IT / IT Sec books that someone might like to read. I also have some "cert" books available as well.

August : Mr. Brian Carter is going to put on his Lockpicking demonstration again. If you make one event this year, please attend this event.

A request to the group --- could one of our IUPUI brethren reserve a room for the July and Aug meetings (maybe the cool room in the IT building on the main floor)? Sorry for the short notice. At the very least we need it for the August meeting.

If we can not get a room in time, then July will be held some place in broad ripple. Possibly the back deck of Connors Pub.


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